Exploring Christianity

We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ is the best and most important news anyone could hear and come to understand.

We recognise that people have many reasons for why they might begin to explore Christianity, and as a Church we want to help you with that journey. Therefore, we frequent run groups and events for people who want to know more, and ask their questions. We’ve recently run both Christianity Explored and Life Explored courses. We’d also be very happy to meet up one-to-one and talk through any questions you might have.

To find out about upcoming, groups, events or to request to meet up with someone in person please email us at info@christchurchtrumpington.org.

Big questions about life, God, Christianity?
Come and explore them with us.

Seven Wednesday evenings starting on Wednesday 15th January at the Church Centre, 14 Alpha Terrace, 8pm–9.45pm (come for pudding and drinks from 7.45pm)

For more information about the Christianity Explored course, visit christianityexplored.org